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2023, a new identity to welcome the evolution of a team that is solid at the base but still always on the move to be at your side.

Still, we stay focussed:

On concentrating our knowledge on domains linked to the art of building, to real estate, to heritage and its actors, to the development of our environment.

On accompanying you all along on your way, developing a bond, a sense, as well as mutual and sustainable trust.

On treating our interlocutors with respect while focussing without compromise on your objectives and acting in your interest: zen but determined.

Still convinced that law is a tool and not an end in itself.

Still convinced that transmission between generations, the experiences of our team, travelling and sharing reflexion nourish us and serve you.

And as always… La vita è bella!

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Diane Schasca-Brunoni
Diane Schasca Brunoni
Lawyer | Director
Kristina De Lucia Vucurovic
Kristina De Lucia Vucurovic
Aline Vendeiro Antunes
Aline Vendeiro Antunes
Trainee lawyer
Laura Salerno
Laura Salerno
Bientôt les fêtes…

Voilà, ça y’est bientôt les fêtes…et avec elles la frénésie des activités qui s’accélèrent, les décorations de ville, les inévitables prises

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Parking : A parking place is available on request on the esplanade of the Hekhal Haness synagogue. Our secretariat is at your disposal.