After defending our clients for the last twenty years, we still have the same approach: the devil is in the detail !

We are convinced that the law is a tool and not a goal in itself. Also, it is through reflexion with our clients that audacious yet pragmatic solutions emerge.

Our motto: to be serious, sharp, demanding…without taking ourselves seriously…

We are legal experts, but open to the fields we defend: architecture, creation, urban development, responsible promotion, ambitious projects always respecting situations and people.

We multiply the occasions to be in contact with architectural production and contemporary culture as well as with witnesses of a nourishing past. We travel the world and profit from our experience in order to better understand and accompany our clients.

At d.avocats you are the center and we do our best to assist you.

To advise, possibly reconcile, assist if necessary in your turmoil, this is what motivates us !

We must strive for excellence always doubting, foreseeing, communicating and…acting !

Be our guests !